Tips for Longer Lasting Shoes

Running shoes are usually engineered to last long, but considering the frequency of usage, they will not last longer if worn many times almost every day, everywhere. If you have grown tired of purchasing a brand new product to replace the worn-out one, it is time to follow the upcoming tips for a longer-lasting pair of running shoes.

Typical running shoes are mainly designed for roads or any paved surface, so you should only wear them when you are jogging on nearby streets. Do not wear your running shoes when you are about to embark on a trail run; instead, buy another pair that is designed specifically for trail running. In addition, having another pair of running shoes is also highly recommended to avoid wear and tear on your favourite pair and allow you to switch to the other one.

Once you arrive home, do not forget to untie your shoelaces to avoid damaging the heel counter while rushing to get inside. After every use, you should clean up your running shoes and dry them outside afterwards so that they will maintain their top form.

If you decide to no longer wear your running shoes, you must put them inside a box for long-term storage.

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