The Key to Strategic Hydration

Hydration is one of the key elements that eager novice runners or experienced recreational athletes should keep in mind if they aim to win their dream marathon or any other long-distance running contest.

However, it is also incredibly vital to know the right time to stay fuelled or hydrated during the race. To understand the key to proper hydration, make sure to read through these strategies below and rest assured that you will stay in the competition.

If the marathon is held on an excessively hot day, just do your best to cope with the heat while running, especially if you are not used to the intense heat outside. How quickly you sweat also plays a contributing factor in your hydration approach.

The faster and more frequent you sweat, the greater the chance that you will most likely stop to fuel yourself and replace wasted bodily fluids so that you can still keep up with the pace.

Keeping track of time is also very important. If the competition lasts for more than one hour or an hour and a half, chances are you will eventually become exhausted and your body is badly in need of fuel by that time. Familiarising yourself with the route, including the placement of aid stations, can be a huge help, too.

So long as you consider these strategies in mind, you are not only hydrated properly and at the right time but you have also adapted yourself to maintaining a steady rate in the marathon.

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