Check Your Swimrun Gear

A swimrun is an endurance contest that is similar to triathlon but with the exclusion of the cycling sport. It consists of only two stages: swimming and running. Since the main objective of the event is to swim or run the distance to reach the finish line, it is extremely important for the participant to bring with him a durable set of equipment throughout the competition.

Amongst the most commonly used equipment during swimruns are the wetsuit, a pair of pull paddles, and pull buoys.

Regarding your wetsuit of choice, you may choose between the steamer type, a one-piece full suit that completely covers the torso, arms and legs, and the spring suit variant, which has short sleeves for arms and a similar length of covering for legs. If you prefer full protection for your body against scratches and the like without restricting your movement, it is wiser to choose a steamer suit that has the right thickness. For others, the spring suit is the way to go when participating in a swimrun because it allows greater freedom of movement and still keeps the wearer warm somehow.

For the selection of pull paddles, each pair must have a reliable strap. When it comes to the pull buoy, just select the one that you think is comfortable when pressed against your thighs or legs and durable enough for a single event.

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