The Ideal Mattresses for Runners

Mattresses for Runners

Runners have different bodies, so they also have different mattresses and sleep needs. Even though running improves overall health, runners are prone to muscle tightness, sore feet and hip, and lower back pain.

So, the right mattress is crucial to help alleviate these issues. With that said, if you are looking for memory foam mattresses that are perfect for runners, continue reading.

Bear Mattress

Bear mattresses provide high-tech recovery. In fact, it is believed that various light colors boost recovery and lessen inflammation. This is called red light therapy or photobiomodulation. This therapy has been backed up and supported by scientific research.

In this therapy type, the lights function as a vasodilator, which provides better blood flow and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

Additionally, some studies have also found out that it can lessen pain and increase uptake of oxygen. Lastly, Celliant as medical equipment has been approved by the FDA.

Nolah Mattress

This Nolah mattress is considered ideal for relieving soreness. If you’re looking for a high-quality memory foam mattress, this is an excellent option. That is because the viscoelastic chemicals have a soothing effect when there is body heat.

However, one possible disadvantage to this mattress is that it can worsen pressure when you move around when you sleep. This is because the body waits continuously to make the surface soothing.

With that said, Nolah has been tested using an approved tension map that assessed average and peak tension. It also showed that it could provide 22% better relief from pressure than regular memory foam mattresses. As such, this is advantageous to the hips and lower back.

Saatva Mattress

Because of its adjustable base, Saatva makes rest easier for runners. Even though there are many competitors for this feature, Saatva mattresses have been considered the most ideal for runners. That is because they can raise both feet and relieve pressure from the hips and the lower back.

With the lumbar zone enhancement feature, they focus firmly on the pain in these areas. Therefore, you can enjoy more additional support.

Reverie Mattress

Nowadays, many companies produce mattresses that come with frames with a built-in massage. However, if you want this kind of feature for your bed, you will need to purchase a separate base.

Although the Saatva model also has a good massager and is a bit more affordable, Reverie mattresses have better massagers because of their 3D Wave feature.

In addition, another extra feature you can enjoy from a Reverie mattress is the option to choose the level of softness.

Because of this, you can decide how much softness or support you want from your mattress. Naturally, this is more advantageous if you share a bed with someone who wants a different firmness.

TULO Mattress

Four special foam layers are what comprise Tulo mattresses. These layers are a base foundation, two layers in the middle, and two inches of soft memory foam on top.

While there are varying densities in the base layer of the foam support, the design has different structures to cater to a particular sleeping style.


Finally, you know some options for the ideal mattresses for runners. All of the mattresses have different features, so it would be best to consider the level of comfort you want, the support your body needs, and your budget to find the bests one for you.

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