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The Effects Of Vaping On Running Abilities

Vaping On Running Abilities

Vaping has always been known to damage its users’ cardiovascular and respiratory systemlike this, due to its nicotine ingredient. Nicotine is a toxic and addictive substance that causes blood pressure to rise and adrenaline to spike, which then causes the heart rate to accelerate and increases the possibility of a heart attack.

This possibility of cardiovascular and respiratory impairment led the vaping community to question the impact of vaping to their running abilities. Does vaping lessen the quality of your running competency? The following are the answers to this query.

  • Vaping vs. Smoking

It is publicly known that vaping is less of a health risk than smoking. This is because vaporizers contain fewer carcinogens than traditional tobaccos, thus resulting in fewer damages to its users’ hearts and lungs. According to some articles, vaping is ninety-five percent safer than smoking.

According to other vape users who used to smoke, they experienced greater difficulty in running when they were smoking than now that they are vaping. This idea was supported by the claims of other research documents that vaping improves the lung functions of smokers.

Furthermore, smokers reported burning sensation and improper oxygen distribution in their bodies when they run, but vape users who run did not state any of these experiences.

  • Proper Running

Vaping does not contribute any discomfort in running if you run properly. Striking with your heels and pushing each foot too forwardly is an improper running form. Improper form of running causes discomfort and pain in different body parts, such as joints, knees, and back.

  • Almost Barefooted Running is Better

You also need to wear proper apparels when running. An example of this is using zero-lift shoes or shoes with fewer cushions rather done expensive trainers. Running with this kind of shoe is almost the same as running barefoot. These shoes will aid your feet in reacting naturally to the ground, thus improving your running gaits.

Avoid using shoes that will encourage you to land on your heels when you run, this causes injury that may give you reasons to quit running. Running is a go-to exercise if you want to improve your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. This exercise gives you the following benefits:

  • builds stronger bones;
  • strengthens muscles;
  • improves cardiovascular fitness;
  • burns calories; and
  • maintains a healthy weight.


If you are an avid vape user, it is important to strengthen your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, since they are the organs primarily affected by this practice. The best way to do this is to develop a running habit.

This exercise does not involve a lot of expenses since it does not require a gym membership and expensive equipment. You may experience difficulty during your early trials, but improvement will be noticeable after a month or two.

Running also releases endorphins. This chemical induces a positive feeling in your body and reduces the feeling of pain. With all of these benefits and without any hindrance from vaping, running is a good practice that should be started or restarted as soon as possible.

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